What is Rethink?

Rethink is a creative marathon that connects creative young people with innovative companies.

Rethink 2022

Recent changes in the business environment have shifted the requirements and expectations employees have from the companies in return for their talent. Rethink 2022 aims to connect innovative tech companies with current and future employees to find a common solution. This year’s 9 multidisciplinary teams will need to come up with creative, innovative solutions for the overarching problems in the industry: recruitment and retention.

Rethink starts in
Rethink Process

The participants who will work on the set challenges will be preselected and divided into multidisciplinary teams in order to respond adequately to the challenge. Each team will be guided by a facilitator to ensure that the team’s work moves in the desired direction during the event. The number of sponsors who can set their own challenges is limited.

Day 1

Understanding the challenge

On the first day of the creative Marathon, the participants get to know each other and start with brainstorming and research. They also meet the mentors - representatives from the companies that set the challenges.

Day 2

Creating solution

On the second day of the event, all teams will have mentoring sessions with company representatives to get feedback on the work so far, and get questions participant have during solving the problem.

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Day 3

Present the solution

On the third day, all teams will have the opportunity to present their solutions to the jury of sponsors that will select the winners. The winning solutions will be developed further by the companies.


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